5R4GY RCA (Brown Base) Rectifier Tube Repackaged in a White Box. Most Favored 5R4 in History.


  • White boxed.
  • RCA 5R4GY Rectifier Tube.
  • One of the tubes that built America and won WW2
  • Most favored 5R4 in history by both engineers and music lovers.
  • 1950’s Big D-Getters, brown micanol bases and wire arbors help make this tube a real winner.
  • Great for power supplies and all kinds of amplifiers.
  • Big clean and clear bold sound. Sweet and creamy at the same time.
  • Developed by RCA in 1942, its hard to beat the original legend!
  • Three color round logo box is 116

If multiple tubes are ordered, micro matching is automatic.

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