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There are two methods for contacting me:

1. Personal Phone Conversation
Given the complexity and nature of this business, the very best method of contacting me is still via the phone. As I consult with you on the phone, I ask questions about your specific system and give you advice that may not otherwise be apparent or discussed via email. Additionally, my experience is that I get to the bottom of specifically assisting your needs more efficiently and effectively having a personal discussion. My ultimate priorities are the phone calls from my clients and fulfilling their orders. Please feel free to call me.  I'd be happy to share my knowledge, experience, and expertise with you.  My number is  616-454-3467.

2. Email
Please use email as a "last resort" method of contacting me. Ideally, I prefer using email to correspond with those clients that have difficulty with English or those of you who simply can't call. If you must email me, please feel free to do so using the form below or [email protected]. However, be advised that I am typically 30 days behind in my email correspondence. Thus, your patience in awaiting a response from me via email is appreciated.

Free phone consultations!  Speak directly with the expert.  Celebrating 38 years of technical knowledge, experience, expertise, and tubes you can trust.  Call me.  Andy @ 616-454-3467

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