Octal Tubes Stock List

NOTICE: The tube prices in this catalog CANNOT be compared to others!! Each tube sold by VTS has been LABORIOUSLY auditioned, scrutinized, matched and pin polished by Andy Bowman in the V.T.S. Analog Laboratory using National Institute of Standards registered gear. (See the Testing Laboratory, and Six Things, etc...)

Scary stuff that I've seen out there!
RCA 6SN7-GTB's from the 1950's at over $130.00 EACH.  This is DOUBLE the VTS price for this tube. Used and trashed RCA 6SL7-GTB's that I would throw out same story as above.  Over DOUBLE the VTS price for this tube.  Sylvania 6SN7-WGTB from the 1980's for over $65.00 EACH!  VTS doesn't even sell tubes made in the 1980's because the quality dropped too low for me to go!

Octal Tubes (Small Signal)
As the 6SN7 is an R.C.A. development it is only fair to start with them. The 6SN7 is truly one of the tubes that built America. This tube was to become THE most widely produced, popular and durable receiving tube of all time. The difference between the types is that the GT had a 300 volt limit on the plates. This went up to 450 in the GTA. The GTB incorporated a high precision heater wire so as to be usable in series string TV & radio sets.

NOTE: Because of the depth of the inventory, this is a very partial stock list. Please call for current pricing and availability. Tubes are added regularly and the inventory changes so please call/email me if you have a specific need.

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