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Tung-Sol Life Test Department Circa 1950

Tung-Sol Life Test Department Circa 1950



Tung-Sol_Cathode_Production_1Cathode Spray Booth with Live Feedback
Lamp-and-Switch System to Control Cathode Spraying

Panel indicator lamps in front of the operator at the cathode spraying position are actuated by quality control inspectors who measure the highly critical diameter and coating weight of finished cathode sleeves in the Bloomfield, NJ plant of Tung-Sol Electric Inc.

If the average ratings are within the dotted lines of the control chart a green light is given. If the average falls between the dotted and solid lines the the upper or lower yellow warning light is given. If the average falls above or below the area bounded by the solid control limit lines the upper or lower red light is given, and all spraying on that cathode type must stop until a corrective adjustment and spray time or spray pattern is made.

Tung-Sol_Cathode_Production_2Spray Gun Close-up

Tung-Sol_Cathode_Production_3Measuring cathode diameter with micrometer.

Weight of coating is measured with precision balance (background center). Pushbutton switches above bench control lamps in front of spray operator. (2 pictures back) To give him a continuous visual feedback indicating product quality.

Tung-Sol_Cathode_Production_4Loading uncoated cathode sleeves in rotary holder preparatory to spraying.

Roller chain conveyor brings holders back to operator for unloading after spring and baking. Finished cathodes are placed in the cell stacking molded plastic trays at rear on the bench.

Tung-Sol_Cathode_Production_5 Combination rotary masking and spraying holder for cathodes.

Tung-Sol_Cathode_Production_6Fifty cathode rotary holder is moved through drying oven by chain conveyor after spraying cathodes in spray booth.


Where Tung-Sol Products Are Made

Where Tung-Sol Products Are Made

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