5U4-G General Electric Rectifier. Perfect 1950’s D-Getter Units.


  • General Electric 5U4-G Rectifier Tube
  • 1950’s new old stock (N.O.S.), all matched the same.
  • These tubes were stored in downtown Chicago for over 60 years for a jukebox company and are unbranded.
  • Strong, sweet and open performance.

If multiple tubes are ordered, micro matching is automatic.

97 in stock

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  • All matched, clean, clear and strong. I have over 100 of these.
  • A hard vacuum, good alignment of cathode to plate, and ultra pure metallurgy and chemistry. These are the qualities that give good rectifier tubes the ability to supply a powerful but velvety quite background for your music, both today, and for many, many, years to come.