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Dear Music Lover;

Welcome to the Vintage Tube Services 2011 catalogue. VTS was founded to provide properly selected & prepared tubes for those seeking the very finest in music reproduction. At Vintage Tube Services, art and science are combined with old-world personal service as an alternative to the proliferation of so called "premium suppliers" that (as with so many things today) for reasons of efficiency and quick results, use a high-speed computerized testing system to select from a large number of highly questionable candidates. And this only refers to the distributors of currently manufactured tubes. The true madness started about 8 years ago with absolutely every Tom, Dick & Harry on the block with a pile of tubes and a tube checker getting a web site or going on the bay as big-time expert tube dealers. 98% of those guys don't seem to know anything accurate about tubes, the history of tubes, Electronics, the history of electronics or even Audio or the history of the same! (not to mention the High-End)! From what I have seen of their work they seem to be more interested in finding out the highest price a tube can sell for, rather than have any concerns as to how or if it will give YOU pleasure in your music system year after year! Vintage Tube Services was the first to provide properly selected & prepared Vintage tubes for Hi-Fi, musical instruments & studios, that tradition continues with ongoing, hard work, in research & development. Vintage Tube Services starts with the longest lasting, highest quality tubes that have ever been made. These tubes have stood the test of the last 86 years! (And despite the claims of hopeful salesmen and the ongoing sham in advertising & the press, no amount of slick salesmanship or "consulting with European audiophiles and engineers" is going to bring back the greatness of the real thing.)

NOTE: History Fans: Over the next year, I will be regularly adding to and filling out the history section on the Big American Tube Companies including Western Electric, RCA, Sylvania, Ked-Rad, etc...... Included will be ultra-rare and truly cool in-house documents and mind-blowing pictures!!! Check back...
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